HOT 60

Based on the Bikram sequence of 26 Postures, b Yoga’s Hot60 offers practitioners individualised attention when it comes to perfecting the form. Set at between 35-38 degrees with a humidity of 40 degrees, this ensures a serious cardio workout and optimal stretching!

This practice is highly recommended for the very stiff and those wishing to find an alternative to their current exercise routine. The heat relaxes the muscles, allowing increased stretching, better circulation and blood flow and as it gets the heart rate up, the metabolism increases as well! Lots of spine strengthening exercises are included in the sequence so great for those struggling with sitting at their desks all day! This is a great introduction to the yoga practice if inversions and flowing routines seem rather frightening! If you suffer from very low or high blood pressure or if you don’t like heat, this is not the practice for you.


Integrating Brazilian Jui Jitsu & Calisthenics with the fundamentals of Yoga is the basis for the Budokon practice. Started in Miami with leading martial arts and human movement expert Cameron Shayne, this amazingly strong and mindful practice is taking the world by storm. Bianca is Budokon Primary Sequence Accredited with the Budokon University of Miami.


B Yoga offers men’s classes twice a week on a Tuesday and Thursday morning at 5:30am. This class focuses primarily on increasing flexibility and spinal strength. Hamstrings tend to be the major issue surrounding men whether it’s over training or many hours spent sitting at a desk/in a car. This class is almost always heated to maximise stretching and limit stiffness. Strong shoulder, arm and abdominal work is included in every class.


This class is led by Bianca and incorporates tough strength and mobility drills around the theme for the day or month. There is a clear focus on strengthening the specific area through biokinetic and callisthenic-style movements. Once the correct muscles have been activated, a short and strong yoga flow unravels to bring the whole class together. This class is primarily about application of these targeted drills into your yoga practice. There is always time spent on the core unit whether it’s front, side or back but Bianca believes firmly in keeping core activation throughout your yoga movement. This class is NOT for beginners.


Led by Mandy Hewlett, this class is similar in focus to Bianca’s class but with a very different in style. Both classes are slower and more alignment and strength based but both offer a unique quality of teaching. Mandy is a very strong arm balancer and her guidance, directions and cues are great for anyone wishing to take their arm balance to another level. She focuses a lot of her time on shoulder strengthening as she believes that is where many yogis fall short. Yogis spend a lot more time than most  on their hands and her strength coaching and exercises for wrists and arms are thorough and effective. Her classes generally work around a peak pose so you have something to aspire to. She always offers alternatives so the less experience yogi doesn’t feel despondent or defeated. This class is NOT advisable for beginners.


Led by Beverley Slauck this “feel good” cardio based Vinyasa flow will get the heart racing and the whole body feeling alive and energised! Beverly is an absolute professional when it comes to safely leading Vinyasa classes which often fail to cue students through transitions. This is where injury happens and Bev pre-empts potential challenges with plenty of easy to follow options. Yoga teachers leading flow classes can often leave you feeling very confused with their instructions but this will never happen in Bev’s class. She makes it her mission to get to know each client and their capabilities and you know you are in good, safe hands in her classes. NOT advisable for complete beginners.


Bianca leads this really intense adaption of the Bikram 26 poses built into a flow style. Done in a hot room, this class starts with sun-salutations for warm up and then moving into many different modifications based loosely on the Bikram sequence. So don’t think long holds, but rather shorter adaptions with more creative Vinyasa additions. You move constantly in this class and although the Vinyasa can be adapted or toned down, expect to work hard and sweat A LOT! You will walk out of this class feeling amazing and no 2 classes are the same. Those with some Bikram experience are welcome to try the class even if they are brand new to the style!


This, almost meditative class will take you to depths of stretching you never thought possible. Jean Rossouw leads a transformative class each week focusing on different areas of tension and stress in the body. More effective than both therapy and massage put together with a guided meditation at the end you will leave feeling like you have been transported to another world. A typical class starts with a few very modified sun  salutations or hatha poses and then slows right down into long intense and often mind altering holds. Props are encouraged and in this class you get to discover areas of your body that restrict and constrain. Breath work is led and encouraged through-out this class. For very stiff, tight, stressed, anxious, sleep deprived  and/or injured yogis, old and young, this class is a must! All levels welcome. Beginners especially!


Kelly Nevelling from Optimum Lifestyle studio hosts this strictly core focused 1 hour of mat work.  If you have any issues with core connection, oblique’s, glutes and/or back issues… this is the class for you. Even those who reckon they have no problem with tummy strength,  will quickly become aware of how little they know about their body and it’s compensations. Pilates has a way of taking all global strength muscles out of the equation and targeting just the little stabilisers and one soon sees how little we use them, and how much we need them. No other training method does what Pilates can do and is an absolute must incorporated into your weekly routine.  With our increasing lifestyle of sitting and driving for long periods of time interspersed with sometimes hectic cardio for exercise one has to incorporate more practices like Pilates to slow down our movements and correct. Perfect for ALL levels.


For dancers or absolute beginners, whether you’re 26 or 66, man or woman, Ballet Balance classes cater to everyone. Adopting the structure of a formal ballet class, Inge’s classes take this one step further to focus on core areas such a glutes, quads, hamstrings, arms, shoulders, flexibility and joint mobility. Even if it’s all “Greek” to you, Inge’s clear instruction and strict attention to detail will have you working your muscles safely, effectively and feeling like a dancer whilst doing it! The music that she uses is contemporary with each exercise choreographed to work with the music to create flow and harmony in the body and mind.

The soul of ballet isn’t necessarily in the movement, in the punctuation or the high point. It is about what happens in the stillness, the gaps in space and time, in moving the body from this point to that. The only way to experience it is to do it!