I have always been an active person and enjoyed physical exercise. But it was my first Hatha yoga class, more than 15 years ago, when I really fell in love. Though I still enjoy other forms of exercise, yoga is my true passion. I'm inspired by the art of movement and by people who move intelligently. The way we use our bodies in everyday life versus what our bodies are actually capable of doing is something which fascinates and challenges me. My classes are fun and strong, but with an emphasis on listening to one’s body and finding what works for you. I specialise in "Yoga for Sports “and have been lucky enough to be a yoga teacher to the Western Province Stormer’s rugby team as well as serious Cross Fitters. I like to focus my classes on specific parts of the body systematically warming, stretching and subsequently activating the appropriate muscles for the relevant pose. I am very injury-aware and believe there are modifications for just about everything! I like my students to feel comfortable and relaxed enough to express themselves authentically without the need to push too far.

I truly believe Yoga is for EVERYONE!


  • Wellness Connection 200hr Teacher Training ( Alliance Approved)
  • Wellness Connection 500hr Advanced Teacher Training ( Alliance Approved)-2017
  • Budokon 50hr Teacher Training -2017
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa 200hr Teacher Training ( Alliance Approved)