Jean grew up in the beautiful Ceres Valley, knowing something was special about the fresh mountain air.  Feeling alive and open! Years later the breath would catch him again in California with Holotropic Breath work and understanding and realizing the incredible power of the breathe. (Holotropic Breath work is a technique of self-exploration based on ancient spiritual practices)

This ultimately led him to Dan Brule’s Breath work principles and knowing that we are always students on the path of Yoga and Mindfulness.

Jean is passionate about sharing his love of Yoga, Breath work and Mysticism (knowledge attained through contemplation and self-surrender) while teaching with an authentic and interesting approach. In a world currently so obsessed with the “Yang” aspect of Yoga, he feels the Pranayama (conscious breathing) counterpart is often lost in the practice of such active postures.

Jean agrees that this concept can initially be overwhelming for the first-timer, but his sensitivity and understanding appeals to all levels of practitioner from the raw beginner to the more practiced yogi

He is dedicated to creating a nurturing, safe and healing environment for students to support inward focus and exploration of the body, mind and spirit.

Jean’s fascination with ancient knowledge and expanded states of consciousness brings a depth to his classes that is quite different from what you would expect.  He successfully couples Yin Yoga with breathwork encouraging physical, emotional and spiritual transformation.

Jean recently launched Bodhi Breath work and Yoga to bring more knowledge and awareness to the often forgotten but crucial side of Yoga.

Jean: “To combine breath work and Yin is such a powerful healing tool….as it is all, essentially, one. Moving meditation.


  • Honours Degree in Economic Sciences, Univ. Stellenbosch, 2009
  • Natural Building Course, NB Collective, Nature’s Valley. 2015
  • Permaculture Design course, Permaculture Visions, Australia
  • 200hr RYT training, Vimoksha Yoga, Goa, India. 2016
  • 50hr Yin Yoga teacher training, The Source, Cape Town. 2018
  • 50hr Breath work foundation course, Breath work Africa, Muldersdrift. 2018
  • 30hr Breath work Facilitator training. The Breath Centre, Ojai, CA, 2018
  • Advanced Breath work Practitioner, Breath work Africa - current