Inge started ballet at the tender age of 2 years and 9 months and never looked back. After school she went to study dance, drama and musical theatre vocationally and qualified as a teacher.


  • Ballet and Modern Dancing Advanced Performer’s and Teacher’s Qualifications: Imperial Society Teachers of Dance London, 2003
  • Drama and Musical Theatre Advanced Performer’s and Teacher’s Qualifications: Trinity College London, 2003
  • BA English Language and Literature, Specialization Creative Writing, UNISA, 2007
  • Jikiden Reiki Practitioner, Jikiden Reiki Institute Japan, 2017
  • Tango dancer, 2015 - present

In 2013, soon after the birth of her 2nd daughter, Inge wanted to gift her children the same joy in dancing that she had had the privilege of experiencing, so she started her own business teaching Creative Movement to children from 18 months through to 6 years. She developed the classes for boys and girls to help with physical development but for her, the most important outcome was not things such as improved coordination or core strength, but the appreciation for dance and the love of movement that would hopefully see them through a lifetime of healthy habits.

Passionate about health – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual, she completed a Reiki practitioners training certificate in 2017 to include energy work into her life. But she continues to find that the very best energy work comes from each individual learning how to use their body and harness the innate energy in their physical cells to live a vibrant physical life filled with spiritual vitality.

Thus, in 2018 Inge established Ballet Balance for adults. She wishes to encourage absolute beginner adults to overcome their fears of the physical rigours of ballet and experience the immense value of this discipline.

Ballet is changing around the world. It is being recognized for the invaluable tool that it is for mental fortitude and physical wellbeing. It is breaking through the old stereotype of the “prima ballerina” and Inge encourages everyone – men and women – to try it!